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Welcome to Chamlabour

Chamlabour employees pride themselves with being the cream of the crop. Our consultants have years of experience in this demanding field. Due to their HR Training they have become sought after consultants who never fail to impress. Chamlabour has the most comprehensive labour consultancy services exclusively designed and priced for our members. 
Chamlabour, a division of Chamberlink is a team of professionals dedicated to assist you with all your labour related queries. We are here to help you with whatever the situation might entail.. We conduct and chair disciplinary hearings and will also represent you at the CCMA. Having a labour department at your disposal gives you access to a world of knowledge.  All you need to do is tap into this fount!

  •  Struggling with poor work performance?
  •  How do you deal with workers who are costing you time and  money?
  •  What is the dismissal procedure and what to do if you are taken to the CCMA?
  •  What does legislation entail?
  •  Sexual harassment becoming a problem?
  •  Action dismissals. Why can’t you just fire him / her? OR can you?
  •  How important is health and safety?

* Every company needs access to legal advice.
* Labour assistance is something all companies can benefit from having


*  Help you avoid the CCMA (Help you to in accordance to the law)
*  Represent you at the CCMA if needed
*  Give you 100% legally accurate and up to date information
*  Give you details on how to dismiss employees in a legal manner 
*  Answer all your burning labour questions